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How Nigeria Can Create A More People-friendly, Viable Policing Network

Oct 17, 2020

For more than fourteen days now, Nigerian youths have thronged the streets of Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin, and other strategic parts of the country as they call for an end to the Rogue section of the Nigeria Police Force in a movement coined, #EndSARS. Demands were made to the Nigerian government but in its usual disregarding nature, many promises and very few actions have been taken so far.


Keyboard Warriors and Freedom Fighters: How The Social Media Is Spearheading A Generational Change

Oct 15, 2020

Different hashtags have trended. The calls have been rife and loud, and the social media has gone some mile in helping with that. The youths, who were the keyboard warriors of yesteryears have turned freedom fighters, marching on a long walk to freedom.

Nigerians have stood out in the past few days to fight for a cause for the betterment of the nation. It is good to see and it was not without its own stories.


#SARSMUSTEND: Nigerian Youths And The Fight For The Future

Oct 12, 2020

“If it’s not fit to live in, then our job is to make it fit,” Fela Anikulapo Kuti once said. By far one of the most loved men in Nigeria's history, Fela’s obduracy is groundbreaking and one that stood him out. What Fela has always stood and sang against, and was punished and vilified for on several occasions, is what Nigerian youths are standing up against with the #EndSARS protest.


Nigerian Youths Troop Out On #EndSARS Protest, Demand Disbandment Of “Rogue Section”

Oct 09, 2020

.  Nigerian youths in some states of the Federation defied the night as they staged a peaceful protest against Police brutality. Protesting on the headline tag #EndSARS, the youths in Lagos slept in front of the Lagos State House of Assembly to continue their protest on Friday morning.


Can Nigerian Teachers Take Buhari’s Promises ‘To The Class?’

Oct 07, 2020

The annual World Teachers’ Day was celebrated on the 5th October 2020 amid many promises and vows.

President Muhammadu Buhari made a number of promises to Nigerian teachers, often maligned and abandoned, despite being integral to the development of the nation.

Amongst other promises, he said their salaries will be increased and their retirement ages and maximum years of service have also been upped further by years.


End SARS Campaign: About Hashtags and A ‘Harsh’ Tag

Oct 05, 2020

The Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) is the under-fire section of the Police set up to battle robbery in the country. Recent malodorous acts by this Police section has been microcosmic of the struggles of the Police to curb and curtail the excesses of most of its officials. With Police being the security agency closest to the people, as they are constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of safety of lives and properties, it is sad that the general public and most ordinary Nigerians are threatened by their existence.


Buhari’s 60th Independence Speech: The Truth, The Half-Truth, The Ruse and The Condescension

Oct 02, 2020

 “Disappointing”, that was one of the lines used by Nigerians to describe President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence Day Speech. That the President’s speech sounded like what Nigerians have always heard tells the fact that very minimal progress is being made, if any at all.


COVID-19 Funds, Struggling Nigerians & Corruption That Just Won’t End

Sep 29, 2020

Feeding school children when they are in their parents’ houses is the height of the joke Nigeria is becoming. The truth is finding its way out as the ICPC has revealed that N2.7bn meant for this purpose has crawled into private accounts. Nigerians are not surprised by these stories again but it is dangerous to be allowed to keep ripping us apart.


Strikes, Hikes And The Spikes In Nigerians' Struggles

Sep 28, 2020

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the umbrella body for workers in Nigeria had intimated the labour force in the country of a strike action. With the federal government quickly stepping in to secure a court order against the NLC, they stayed defiant and rallied members in letters for a total action beginning from the 28th September.