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Accountable Nigeria Book Launch

Accountable Nigeria Book Launch

Aug 26, 2018


The launching program of this book held at Agbeke hall, Ibadan civic center in Ibadan city was graced by important personalities in the state and amiable higher institution students. The book author, Dr. Tunde Ali is a Canadian physician driven by his passion to see the best of every human thriving in economic freedom and a fair society. He is also the Founder of the Future Minds Development Initiative (FMDI), an NGO dedicated to health education and empowerment solely managed by him till date.


The Accountable Nigeria is a book launched in November 15, 2018 that admits that truly, there are problems in our society ranging from corrupt practices, social ills and vices, lack-luster attitude of government and private employees, etc which has plunged the country to a deplorable and despicable state.  


Having come to terms with this sad and unfortunate reality, the book examines these problems critically and attempts to proffer lasting solution to these ugly developments knowing that both political office holders, Civil servants and the 'ordinary' citizens are guilty of the rot and decay in every system in the country.  



On the part of political office holders and civil servants, the book suggests a variety of mechanisms to be put in place to check the excesses of these office holders. One of the mechanisms suggested in the book is the creation of the ACN Portal which intends to track the activities of our politicians and also serve as checks and balances for wrongdoers. It intends to promote accountability and transparency and prevent the use of public funds for selfish interests.  


The book also suggest ways by which non-political office holders can be more committed and dedicated to the sustainable growth and development of the nation. The book intends to make young ones become good writers especially by introducing them to the rudiments of Journalism, encouraging civic responsibilities, and self-management skills through courses taught and ongoing discourse and seminars in the Accountable Nigeria Initiative Club.  


The author charges everybody to play their own part in nation building and stop the erroneous assumption that it is only the political office holders who need to be more accountable.