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How Nigeria Can Create A More People-friendly, Viable Policing Network

How Nigeria Can Create A More People-friendly, Viable Policing Network

Oct 17, 2020

For more than fourteen days now, Nigerian youths have thronged the streets of Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin, and other strategic parts of the country as they call for an end to the Rogue section of the Nigeria Police Force in a movement coined, #EndSARS. Demands were made to the Nigerian government but in its usual disregarding nature, many promises and very few actions have been taken so far.

Nigerian youths have stayed defiant so far, defying rain and sunshine, and the cold and evil of the night to stay up on the government’s neck. So far, a lack of strategy on the protesters' part has been blamed but the government is doing very little to show a positive reaction to meeting the demands. Many names have been mentioned and there haven’t been prosecutions so far.

The Nigeria Police Force needs a reinvention, upgrade, overhaul, encouragement and development. The current Police are no friends to the people and this is seen in reports round the country, with the majority of the stories coming out of the streets, horrendous, horrific and horrible. The only problems that have no solutions are those where solutions are not sought, and in Nigeria’s situation, a serious government will show great reaction, answer protesters and also solve the roots of the problem.

As it stands, citizens are forced to believe the Nigerian government is not for them, and with the events of the past few days, a more community-friendly Police is the ultimate solution to Nigeria’s problems. Some of the solutions to getting a better Police system in Nigeria are not far fetched and must be delivered with purpose.

The solutions are;

  • Creation of a Civilian-only Community-member Police Commission: The creation of this commission will improve citizen confidence and will make the people subjective, protective and controlling of their own Police. This commission will be present in every local government in every state across the 36 states of the federation. Membership will be based on community nomination and each local committee will nominate state and national committee members.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship mentorship should be held for youths across the 36 states of the federation. This is to drive citizen growth and progressive thinking across the country.
  • Support for a publicly-managed portal plus software application for the quick reporting of issues with the Police and other security personnel in the country. This will ensure that citizens have a voice, and can entrust their lives in the hands of the government.
  • Establishment of a Ministry of Orientation which will have solid partnership with a publicly controlled non-governmental organisation managed by civilians across the local, state and federal governments with each level having a commission.

To further promote a more citizen-friendly country and one that will help locals, businesses and the entirety of the populace, loans, grants and many other instruments of support should be given to Nigerians. Credits, jobs, contracts, public organisations, information and good contacts must be established as only this can engender the growth of the people and the country. The Police also deserve better remuneration and their general welfare must be a concern to the government as their current salaries and living conditions are terrible for a people expected to protect lives and properties. As Nigerians keep being on the streets, there must be a lot more actions done to instill the confidence of the people. Without this, we can’t have an accountable Nigeria.