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#SARSMUSTEND: Nigerian Youths And The Fight For The Future

#SARSMUSTEND: Nigerian Youths And The Fight For The Future

Oct 12, 2020

“If it’s not fit to live in, then our job is to make it fit,” Fela Anikulapo Kuti once said. By far one of the most loved men in Nigeria's history, Fela’s obduracy is groundbreaking and one that stood him out. What Fela has always stood and sang against, and was punished and vilified for on several occasions, is what Nigerian youths are standing up against with the #EndSARS protest.

A group often dubbed lazy and backwards in output, Nigerian youths have been part and parcel of this uprising against extra-judicial killings and police brutality. States are being locked down, and the people are advised and encouraged to be a part of the call for a better and new Nigeria. The luciferous nature of SARS officials is quite abominable, and many innocent Nigerians have been victims of their excesses and high-handed approach.

That Nigerians will complain over anything is a signal to how much the people want from their government and it indicates the tiredness of the people. Tired But Fired Up To organise a protest is difficult, and very tiring. That this had to be done out of the blues makes it more cumbersome but the will that drives Nigerians is huge. The youths of today are taking up the battle not taken up in the past. The President has been far too quiet and his allies, religious leaders, eminent Nigerians (not youths) have had a deafening silence since all of these started.

The future matters more than ever, and the coming generations have lots of questions that must be answered. As at the last count, at least 15 Nigerians have been killed by the Police and many more wrongly held. In different stories on, the excesses of SARS officials were revealed in different theory stories, but it is now beyond them, it is now largely the maladministration and lack of governance that keeps pegging Nigeria back. The battle being fought now is for the future, for generations to come, for people to live and walk in peace in their country. The world has been involved, physically and virtually and soon, it will become a black movement in the world. Women of steel like Aisha Yesufu and Rinu have shown their greatness by standing out and standing for the people.

They are mothers and will be if not yet, it is a battle for their unborn kids. The Visually-distorted Audio Announcement Inspector General of Police, Adamu Muhammed on Sunday October 11th announced that the department SARS has been dissolved with its officers redeployed to other Police departments. Nigerians were quick to reject this as it is another bait to make Nigerians accept their excesses.

Right after the IGP made the announcement, a Police officer attacked a staff of Arise TV in a very immediate show of Police brutality. Nigerians are not ready to accept this again, and it is why the protest has been total and unprecedented. Citizens have demanded that the President speak, address the people who are out of their offices and have chosen the streets. Popular youths have joined, throughout the world and from London to Paris to Houston, to Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Onitsha, the voice is the same, #SARSMUSTEND. It was borne out of distress, unranked, unfiled and total on youths of the country. It is a fight for the future, and it is not a fight for failure.