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Having read through this document, I feel both chuffed and fulfilled. There is no perfect document anywhere, ideas also grow and morph into something better. I have made a few corrections where need be. Let me know if they are okay by you. Thank you.

I am of the opinion that will fly…This matches with ours because we aim to achieve same result. Making leadership accountable…We strongly believe that until leaders start accounting for the resources they are trusted with, abuse will continue to peak.

I finally read the 'proposal' you developed for the 'Our Future Mind' platform. What an excellent idea! On the face value, there appears to be no reason for this not to 'work' and help lead the way for the transformation of the Nigerian nation. However, on a more realistic note, we should anticipate failures, failing forward on the way to the transformation we desire. Let's chat about the platform later in the week.